Kid-friendly video game album releasing just before the holidays

Imagine you’re listening to your favorite video game theme song. Now picture it being performed by a professional philharmonic orchestra. Sounds pretty sweet right? Well many people got to experience that first hand back in 2011 with the release of what Rolling Stone dubbed as 2011’s “weirdest hit album,” The Greatest Video Game Music.

The album is a collection of some of the most memorable and beloved video game theme songs of all time and the album itself sold enough copies to reach the 23rd spot on the Billboard 200. With the release of volume two in 2012, X5 Music Group, the Swedish record label and brains behind The Greatest Video Game Music’s first two albums, has now set its sights on creating another album, but this time with a new audience in mind. Simply named “Video Game Music for Kids – By London Philharmonic Orchestra,” the album will feature music from Nintendo, Sega and kid-friendly games, such as Super Mario Bros. and Angry Birds.

You can pick-up your copy of Video Game Music for Kids – By London Philharmonic Orchestra next month, or if you want to wait until Christmas, it will make an exceptional gift for any young gamer out there. To find out more about the X5 Music Group and learn the story and inspiration behind Video Game Music, check out their website, and if you missed the first two albums of The Greatest Video Game Music, you can pick-up both volumes 1 and 2 online for less than $20.