The Walking Dead Season Two now available for pre-order

Telltale Games’ hit series The Walking Dead is getting ready to release the next set of episodes for Season Two.  This season will continue the story of the young orphan girl Clementine, and the actions and decisions you made in both the episodes of Season One as well as the DLC “400 Days” will affect choices in the upcoming game.  It also appears that Clementine will be a playable character this go-around, while still having to make choices that affect the character’s morality and the opinions of the other characters.  No release date has been officially announced yet, but Telltale Games has stated that the first episode, “All That Remains,” will be available for download before Christmas, with the remaining episodes coming out 4 to 6 weeks apart from each other.

According to an FAQ on the studio’s website, the style of gameplay will basically be the same as what we saw in Season One, with a few tweaks here and there based on feedback from the players.  If you haven’t gotten to play “400 Days” yet, you will still be able to enjoy Season Two, as the game will make some pre-determined choices for you to move the story along.  You may want to finish up Season One before you take on Season Two, however, as the new game will pick up right where the old one left off.

The Walking Dead Season Two is currently available for preorder as a season pass both on Steam and from Telltale Games’ website for $22.49 (10% off the full price of $24.99).  Preordering from either place will grant you full access to digital downloads of all of the episodes as they are released, but if you order directly from the studio’s website you will also have a Collector’s Edition DVD mailed to you for only the cost of shipping and handling.

If you played the first season on a console and don’t want to switch up systems, fear not!  There are plans to release Season Two on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store, as well as on compatible iOS devices some time in the future.  There are rumors of a release for the Ouya as well, but no official announcement has been made.

A teaser trailer was also released today, but not much is in it.  We pretty much get glimpses of previous areas we’ve been to, with a short voice-over of Clementine and Season One protagonist Lee Everett.  Check it out below, and make sure to remember to preorder from Telltale Games in order to get the Collector’s Edition DVD!  The Walking Dead Season Two has not yet been rated, but expect to see an M rating like we got with the first game.