Outlast Whistleblower DLC is a prequel to the horror

Just because Halloween has passed us doesn’t mean the horrors of the world pass along with it. One of the best horror games of 2013 is getting a piece of DLC that will provide a fresh look for players. Whistleblower is a prequel DLC for Outlast which puts players in the role of the anonymous tipster that who started the main game’s story. Players will be able to experience the outbreak of the Mount Massive Asylum that caused so much abuse and madness.

Not only will players of this DLC be able to play as a new person, they will also get to meet new creatures, new areas, and get much more on the backstory of how Mount Massive Asylum and the main character of the main game, Miles Upshur, are all tied together.

This DLC currently does not have a set release date which gives you plenty of time to pick up the game and it’s soundtrack for 33% off at Red Barrel’s official website. Outlast is also set to release in the future for the PS4 and is currently available on Steam.

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