Addictive word game, Ruzzle, reaches 45 million downloads

Is videogame one word or two? That’s what you’ll have to decide (and fast) in one of the top downloaded word games for mobile devices. Ruzzle has had a rapidly growing mobile presence ever since its release 18 months ago on the iOS App Store. With over 12 billion games played to date, that’s enough words swiped across a screen to reach the Moon and back 26 times! Talk about having a strong vocabulary.

The goal of Ruzzle is simple: spell as many different words as you can from a grid of 16 randomly generated letters within the time limit. The average newbie can expect to find about 18 words per two-minute game, while expert Ruzzle players can average over 180 (that’s 1.5 words each second)!

MAG Interactive, Ruzzle’s Swedish developer, attributed the game’s success to the continuous improvements put in place to make Ruzzle the best puzzle game it can be. One such improvement is the sophisticated match-making system, which partners over 4 millions random opponents every day.

This high-addictive puzzle game is available as a free download across multiple mobile platforms including: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle and Blackberry.