New adventure game from creators of Quest for Glory on kickstarter

Quest for Glory creators, Lori and Corey Cole, have returned to the game scene 15 years after Quest for Glory V to make Bolt Riley, a Jamaican reggae adventure game.   Along with Oded Sharon, the CEO of Adventure Mob, the two wrote dialogue and crafted puzzles for the new game.  In order to fund the game, they’ve resorted to Kickstarter.

The game revolves around up and coming Jamaican musician Bolt Riley, as he attempts to put together a team of talented musicians to make his dreams come true.  The game will feature hand drawn 2D backgrounds as well as:
–      Hand drawn character cel animation.
–      Classic point and click adventure game elements (including funny dialog puzzles, exploration, special inventory items, and of course, a rope.)
–     Second inventory for Inspirations that are used in the game to Inspire other characters.
–      Original Reggae music soundtrack.
–      Voice acting by professional voice actors

Sharon and Cole need your help to tell Bolt’s story, so head on over to its Kickstarter page to donate some cash.