Launch trailer live for Final Exam

Focus Home Interactive has uploaded the launch trailer to Final Exam, a 2.5D beat-’em-up sidescroller that looks extremely action-packed and slightly crazy. Developed my Mighty Rocket Studios, this game features singleplayer and co-op multiplayer high school raucous-gameplay that allows either 2 players locally or 4 players online.

Of course, these experiences vary. The developers placed objectives for you to complete in each level, and each level is apparently really large and relatively non-linear. Add in some friends, and now you can split up to complete these objectives in a much quicker time, but be prepared to fight your way through hoards of monsters that get tougher with more players.

Final Exam also features several characters, unlockable weapons, new skills and special attacks to devastate enemies. High scores will rank players online, so string together some mighty combos to get that multiplier up if you want to show up in these rankings.

Final Exam is now available for download on PC and US PlayStation Network, and will be available tomorrow on European PSN and worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade from this Friday. Check out the launch trailer below!