Win a PS4 or a PS Vita by speedrunning A-Men 2

PSNProfiles, a website for tracking PlayStation achievements called trophies, has partnered with Bloober Team, the developer of the strategy game A-Men, to give away a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita this month. The giveaway will be a contest of who can do the fastest speedrun of Bloober Team’s newest game, A-Men 2, on a PlayStation 3 or PS Vita. “Speedrun”, in this case, will mean earning a 100% completion of A-Men 2 in regards of the game’s trophy list.


A word of warning for those who may think this will be an easy contest: Bloober Team claims that A-Men 2 is "arguably" the most difficult game in the PlayStation Network.

The rules for the contest are simple:

  • Simply log in to PSNProfiles and enter the contest (Speed Run)
  • Create a free PSNProfile account if not a member
  • Play A-Men 2 on the PS3 or PS Vita (PSNProfiles will track your progress)

PSNProfiles will verify the legitimacy of the earned trophies and 100% completion with Bloober Team. The contest will end after three legit games achieve 100% completion, and they will be contacted via PSNProfiles for further details.

The respective prizes are:

  1. First Place: PS4 and a Lifetime Supply of Bloober Team Games
  2. Second Place: PS Vita and a Lifetime Supply of Bloober Team Games
  3. Third Place: Lifetime Supply of Bloober Team Games

To find out more about the contest, visit

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