Pledge Allegiance to The Declaration of Play

Please place your right hand upon the PS4 and repeat after me…

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) wants the PlayStation 4 to be a console enjoyed by all types of players, from the casual to the hardcore. To do this, the SCEE created The Declaration of Play, a manifesto to Play and Players everywhere.

To pledge allegiance to The Declaration of Play and to identify what type of player they are, Players should visit the PlayStation site. Once declared a “Player,” gamers can connect with other people of similar play styles and interests in gaming on Facebook and Twitter, thus creating a huge, ever-growing community of Players all around the world that are primed and ready for the PlayStation 4 release later this month (the 15th in America and the 29th in Europe).  You can also be a part of The Declaration of Play conversation on Twitter by following #4ThePlayers.

“This is for the Players
This is PS4.”