The Humble Store is live, celebrating with a sale

As if they weren’t taking enough of our money as it is, those responsible for giving us the indie-focused Humble Bundles have now opened their very own store front!  Rather than paying what you want for a bundle of games (some of which you may or may not want/already own), you now have the opportunity to purchase individual games a la carte instead.  For a predetermined – in some cases heavily discounted – price you will get access to a digital copy of the game for your OS of choice (be that Windows, Mac, or Linux, as well as the option to download through Steam).  Some games even allow you to download a DRM-free copy of the game.

In addition to being a potentially cheaper alternative to Steam in some cases, 10% of the cost of your purchase will also go to one of a number of charities, including the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  Many games are on sale now as a grand opening of sorts, and new games will be available for sale daily.

As of writing this, Games like Prison Architect, Natural Selection 2, and Orcs Must Die! 2 were on sale for anywhere between 50-75% off the normal price.  Check out their dramatically humorous trailer for all the details, including how to add and purchase items from your cart (if by some chance you have never ordered anything online before).