Video games that inspire pure talent countdown: Skyrim

Talent inspires more talent. This has always been true for as long as humans have been creating art. It’s been true for me. Video games have inspired me to write about them and led me to write this piece for this wonderful site and meet more amazingly talented writers that I would never have met otherwise. I’ve been inspired to learn the basics of video editing just because I played Call of Duty: Black Ops. The Theater mode in that game was so fun to play around with. A few months ago, I finally made the leap to taking online classes to obtain a bachelor’s in Game Design. This all started when my parents decided that video games were worthy enough of their kids time and attention and bought us a Nintendo console.

Video games also inspire others that are much more talented than me. I’ve compiled a short list of a few of my favorites for those who haven’t already found these gems. Even the shortened list is incredibly vast, so I further shortened the short list to only include The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and also painstakingly numbered them in order of personal preference. If Skryim isn’t included on your personal favorite video games list, reply in the comments of which game inspired talent you want to see and I will sacrifice my time to hunt down more videos for another list. Because I like you and I’m awesome like that.


4. Khajiit Camp Song by Forsaken Lands Fantasy Music

This is original music inspired by stumbling upon a Khajiit camp. The description included in the video is accurate. One can easily picture three bored Khajiit sitting around a camp fire when one starts playing a song and the other two join in.





3. Skyrim Bard Raps by Dan Bull

This guy has quite a few Skryim-inspired raps including a Dawnguard rap and his Skyrim Epic Rap. The Epic title should have guaranteed the featured spot on this list but the combination of the bard music with Dan Bull’s rap style elevates this one above the others.





2. The Dragonborn Comes by Malukah

Malukah sings her version of the Dragonborn bard song in a hauntingly beautiful voice. No more description is needed, just enjoy. If you need an extra dose of pure awesomeness, watch this video of the live action trailer set to Malukah’s song.





1. Skyrim Theme by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens

The opening text of the video tries to be fair and prepare the viewer for being blown away by talent. The entire soundtrack of the video was created by around 120 tracks of pure Peter Hollens‘s voice combined with the talents of Lindsey Stirling’s violin. I can really watch Stirling’s videos all day because she looks so joyful while she dances around playing the violin.  Now combine that violin-induced joy with the power of Peter’s vocal talents adding a dash of swordfight and you get this video.





That’s it for the music videos but I still have two fan made live action videos to share. The first one is the live action short “Shattered Shield” by Node. The short video explores what happens when the Dragonborn is killed and his housecarl swears to avenge him. Check it out below.





The second video is really a series by the GoProBros and sets Skyrim in the year 2012. They manage to include just about every quirk and strange NPC behavior of Skyrim. There are four parts in all but the first one is below to start you on your journey.


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