Official PlayStation Network Store out today on and Sony teamed up and created an official PlayStation Network (PSN) Store on’s website. Starting today, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and soon-to-be PlayStation 4 owners are able to visit to purchase digital content without having to go to the PlayStation Network Store. In the next few days, the store will be rolling out at least 100 PS3 and PS4 games as well as downloadable content. The store will also be a forefront of PSN’s newest games and downloadable content, where shoppers are able to purchase these games and content the first day they are released.

To celebrate the launch, and Sony are offering a $5 credit toward future PSN Store purchases after buying one of the 25 initial offerings of the store. Games and downloadable content included are Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and The Last of Us. also wants to let you know that its PS4 stock is ready to be shipped out to homes this Friday.

To find out more about the PlayStation Network Store on, visit

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