FTL: Faster Than Light coming to iOS, getting free expansion

Subset Games has announced that their award-winning roguelike game FTL: Faster Than Light will be coming to iOS in early 2014.  Those of you who own a 2nd generation or later iPad or an iPad mini will be able to play the challenging space game on-the-go.  Unfortunately those of us with other brands of tablet devices will have to wait, perhaps indefinitely: while this is the first step into making their game easily available to mobile device users, the two-man team isn’t sure when or if it will make it to other mobile platforms.  No price has been announced for the tablet version as of yet.

In addition to the iOS news, it was announced that those that own it on desktop will be able to enjoy the upcoming, free Advanced Edition.  This expansion will include new content, including new weapons, augments, and enemies, among other things.  They’ve also tweaked the gameplay a little, so now you will be able to save your crew positions, save and quit during real-time combat, as well as purchase new items in the store.  Some of these new additions can be seen in the trailer, so check it out!

FTL: Faster Than Light was named “Best Debut” at the 2013 Game Developers Choice Awards, and won the 2013 IGF “Audience Award” and “Excellence in Design” awards as well as PC Gamer’s “Short-form Game of the Year” in 2012.