Rodina gets a release date

A release date has finally been confirmed for the space exploration game Rodina.

Rodina was first unveiled around a year ago,  described by the creator, Brendan Anthony, as a first-person space-exploration RPG. Now, almost a year-and-a-half into the game’s development, Anthony has announced that the game will be available on December 13th of 2013.

He is careful to point out however that the game is still incomplete, saying that “there’s a solid base- a huge solar system with massive procedural planets, complete seamless freedom, fun ship combat and a developed background story. But there’s lots more work to be done before Rodina can deliver an RPG-like experience with interesting characters and emergent gameplay”. He went on to say that the game will follow a development model by which new features will constantly be added even after the game’s release.

Anthony has also confirmed through a Twitter post that the game will initially be available for purchase through the official website only. No price has been confirmed as of yet.

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