Vespucci Beach Party this weekend in GTA Online

Dude, did you see there is going to be a kicking party at Vespucci Beach this weekend in Los Santos? Check out this flier Rockstar games is circulating around the internet.

This looks to be a pretty sweet party on Vespucci, Chumash and Paleto Bay Beaches for the entire weekend from today til November 24th. This is the first of the Rockstar Social Club events that are planned for GTA Online, and it looks like Rockstar is sparing no expense for party participants.

There are 10 special events for you to partake in, and the top performers will be given special vanity plates for their rides to show the world that they dominated everybody who took a swing. Rockstar is also planning a sweepstakes to win some cool GTAV gear, like t-shirts and stickers, for all Social Club members.

For more details on the sweepstakes and this weekend’s Social Club event, head over to¬†