Pirate RPG, Raven’s Cry, release date revealed

Aarrr mateys! Topware Interactive officially announced the release date of their Pirate RPG, Raven’s Cry. The game will be coming out May 7th, 2014 for PC and will show a darker side of the Caribbean.

Along with the release date, the announcement came with a treasure trove of screenshots which show off the game’s detailed character models and rich, tropical environments.

The story of Raven’s Cry is one of revenge. You play as Christopher Raven who is on a personal vendetta and needs to supply his crew as he pursues bloody vengeance.

According to a press release from Topware Interactive, the game is described as “gloomy yet paradise-like images describe a world full of betrayal, greed and brutality. Accompanied by sinister cut scenes, the thirst for revenge leads the main character into an open, free-roaming world.”

Arm yourself well for the May 7th release of Raven’s Cry for the PC, brought to you by the pirate lords of Topware Interactive. Search for treasure and more on the Raven’s Cry official website, located here, 10 paces north and marked with an X. Anchors aweigh, scumbag.