Composer Jeff Broadbent receives Hollywood Music In Media Award for PlanetSide 2

Multimedia composer Jeff Broadbent has been awarded the 2013 Hollywood Music In Media Award for “Best Original Video Game Score” for his music featured in the highly popular MMO FPS, PlanetSide 2.

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards give honor to the music of visual media including film, television, and video games. Jeff Broadbent, composer for other popular games such as LEGO Legends of CHIMA Online, TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon, and I Am Alive, combined classical training with technical expertise and cutting-edge technology to compose the highly varied and unique score for PlanetSide 2.

“I was honored to receive the Best Video Game Score award at the 2013 Hollywood Music In Media Awards for PlanetSide 2,” said Jeff Broadbent. “Working with Sony Online Entertainment was a fantastic experience and I feel very privileged to have composed music for this landmark online video game. My sincere gratitude goes out to Sony Online Entertainment and the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.”

Check out the video below to get an inside look at the creation of the music for PlanetSide 2.