Beta test Drums of War today!

Master the art of war and magic by enlisting as a beta tester for the new tactical strategy game, Drums of War for the PC! This turn-based strategy game puts players in control of 16 various units and has them fight their way through two campaigns, 30 missions each, all on a traditional hex map. Each unit used in battle gains experience, grows stronger, and has their own actions, equipment, and abilities.

After gaining acceptance into the beta, testers choose to play a hero-leader from one of the four available races; once chosen, they then begin to build their army. Between fights, gamers can hire new recruits and even buy additional equipment for their soldiers, enhancing their stats. The environment also plays a strong role in Drums of War. For example, trees can be chopped down, burned, or even turned into allies. The controls are very intuitive; most actions in the game can all be done with a simple click of the mouse. Leading an army has never been easier.


Additional features include Hotseat multiplayer (which is seldom seen anymore) and an in-game campaign editor, complete with customizable story text and rewards, so you can make the battle of your dreams.

Apply to be beta-tester today by signing up on the Drums of War beta recruiting page located here. For additional information on Drums of War, as well as more in-game screenshots, check the game’s official website.