Cuebox: the real 3d pool

Take playing pool to the next level in this zero gravity billiards game, Cuebox, a 3D, mobile pool game without gravity. In this refreshing take on a classic game, the object balls are floating in the center of an enclosed box with pockets on each side. This box has replaced the traditional pool table and is able to be customized in game. Players are able to shoot from many different perspectives, due to the zero gravity aspect of the game.

3rD World Games, the company behind Cuebox, wanted to create a game using the same principles and concepts of billiards but with the added twist of no gravity and unlimited ways to shoot. Gamers can experience both of these features simultaneously while playing the two most popular pool games, 8-ball and 9-ball.  A third game mode included in the app is the Cuebox original game, 3D-Ball. 3D-Ball takes advantage of the extra space that is quite literally floating around, and increases the number of object balls to be shot into pockets.

Features of Cuebox Include:

  • Billiards without gravity in 3D
  • Multiplayer in Pass and Play mode
  • Single player option with 3 AI difficulty levels
  • Classic 8-Ball and 9-Ball rules, just extended by extra dimension
  • 3D-Ball – special edition of 8-Ball with more balls , better suited for 3D tables
  • 6 tables with different shapes, sizes and location of the pockets
  • Simple controls resembling typical pool games
  • Adjust touch sensitivity
  • Apply handicap with 5 aiming lines lengths
  • 6 camera movement modes to show the table after shot

Additionally, players can customize their tables by changing the color theme, the number of pockets, the pocket locations; even the shape of the pockets can be changed. The balls may also be personalized. Another cool feature of the game is the ability to check your in-game accuracy rating and track your improvements as you play.

Cuebox is designed to play on both tablets and cell phones, with the ability to lower its graphic quality to perform better on weaker systems. Pick it up today for iOS or Android mobile devices for $1.99. Check out its website for more information and links to its Facebook and Twitter page.