Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation Challenge Map add-on releasing tomorrow with sexy-looking Bruce Wayne

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that tomorrow, the third of December, Batman: Arkham Origins will be getting a fancy Initiation Challenge Map Add-On for $6.99/£5.49. This DLC will focus on Bruce Wayne before he dressed up in spandex and became a terrifying bat person, and contains four challenge maps and two new skins – Initiation Bruce Wayne and Vigilante Bruce Wayne. Gamers who have already purchased the Season Pass for Origins will be able to access this content instantly tomorrow, as long as they have an internet connection.

Wondering what all this looks like? Check out a trailer below! I thought this was Batman Begins for a second:

Gamers will fight enemies throughout various locations like a bamboo forest and a mountain top monastery in the Paektu-San Mountains of North Korea while proving themselves to Bruce’s mentor, Kirigi (I Am Totally Not Ra’s al Ghul is his first name).

The Initiation Challenge Map Add-On will be available for the PS3, 360, PC, and Wii U. Anyone looking to delve EVEN DEEPER into Bruce’s past than was already happening with Origins?

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