Gran Turismo 6 pre-launch screen shots

Meet the most iconic racing simulator to date! Below are just a few of the new screen shots released, courtesy of GamesPress, just days before GT6’s release. You’re welcome.

A close look shows little imperfection, coming a long way from the ever popular GT2.

Standard race track looking as pretty as ever.

We’ve seen these type of screens most often, however it is still hard to look away.

From Indy Go-Karts to Concept Racers, believe it or not, space travel is also an option.

A more professional look at the new camera for you creative enthusiasts.

A look at the user interface.

Concept car that resembles Bat Mobile.

Mercedes Concept.

Peugeot Concept.

Gran Turismo 6 will be in store December 6th, only on PS3.