Ravensword: Shadowlands hits PC today

Crescent Moon Games’ mobile RPG Ravensword: Shadowlands has made the move to Steam today.  Delve into a fantasy world invaded by dark elves, and take on the role of a royal descendant of the Kingdom of Tyreas in an attempt to find the Ravensword, restore order, and end the dark times.  Although it seems like your standard RPG, you will run into some pretty fun stuff, such as prehistoric enemies created by Elder Scrolls artist Mark Jones, flying mounts such as pterodactyls and falcons (as well as mounted combat), and  a vast array of weapons ranging from swords and hammers to bows and guns.  You’ll also have opportunities to pick some locks, cast some magic, and acquire lots of treasure through multi-part, decision-based quest lines.

Ravensword: Shadowlands is currently available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam for $14.99 normally, and currently on sale for 10% off ($13.49)!  You can also get the game on both Android and iOS mobile devices for $6.99.  Check out the trailer below for a look at gameplay on Steam!