Dark Souls 2 new screenshots and covenants breakdown

So earlier in the week, FromSoftware released piles of new screenshots from Dark Souls 2, which is due out on the 11th of March 2014. The shots mainly focus on the multiplayer aspect of the game, displaying the various phantoms in all their glowing glory (man, I’ve missed those red dudes). But more interestingly, an interview with Dark Souls 2 game director Yui Tanimura reveals some more juicy info for Souls fans to lap up.

We’ve already had news of covenants returning to Dark Souls 2, of which we know there will be nine, now we receive new info on these factions, and learn a little about their mechanics. As of present five covenants have been identified, all with their own distinct attributes, and each has its own unique way of engaging your character in the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Praise the sun!

For those of you who are like me and enjoyed wreaking havoc in other players’ worlds, the Brotherhood of Blood should excite you as we see the return of the red phantom. This covenant acts in a similar way to the Darkwraiths in Dark Souls, with the difference being you are harvesting blood from fallen foes, rather than humanity. (Bloodstains?)

The Way of Blue covenant seems to work in much the same way as the original Way of White; the faction’s focus is on cooperative play, and allows its apostles to easily help one another when invaded. However, in an interesting twist, there is also a Blue Sentinels covenant whose members can be automatically summoned to guard their Way of Blue allies. Another new faction also shares this automatic transportation method, much the same as the Forest Hunters in the first game; the Bell Keepers covenant calls upon its followers to defend the twin bells in PvP. The bells are symbolic of lovers who can never be united, in keeping with the franchise’s melancholy tone, and the covenant members are the bells’ eternal guardians.

Lastly there’s the Heirs of the Sun, who seem to pretty much be direct descendants of the Warriors of Sunlight covenant in Dark Souls (this writer is dubbing them SunBros Mark II – you heard it here first!).

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