Design your own games in Createrria

Mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones can do many things these days: act like a GPS, turn into a flash light and even entertain you in the bathroom (admit it). Well, with the release of the game creation app Createrria by Incuvo, mobile device users will now be able to design and create their own videogame!

Creative types who enjoy making user-generated content in games will love the tools and endless options Createrria provides gamers.  Players will be able to construct their own platformer, design a unique puzzle game or give life to a childhood videogame idea and play it out adventure-game style! Programming skills or a degree in game design not required.

Game creation is only one part of Createrria. Gamers are also able to check out community submissions and play uniquely original, fingercrafted (see what I did there?) games made by Createrrians just like them. You never know what kind of crazy game shenanigans some people think up.

Live the dream of creating your own videogame and do so much more by downloading Createrria, a 2012 finalist for Best Project at Game Connection. You can pick it up for free on the iOS App Store today. Android users however will need to put their ideas on paper until Createrria is released for Android in 2014. Learn more at