The Division’s Snowdrop engine showcased with new trailer

Since E3 earlier this year, some of us have found the lack of any new tidbits from Tom Clancy’s The Division slightly disturbing, and a tad frustrating to say the least (of course, not everyone is as impatient as me). An obvious explanation for this could be that Ubisoft simply wants to just deal with one hype at a time, with Watch_Dogs on its way soon (so they keep telling us).

Viewers of this year’s VGX Awards however were treated to some more footage from The Division, as Ubisoft released a tech-focused trailer showcasing the muscle power of the game’s Snowdrop Engine. The studio’s striking video was a visual feast which incorporated some of the most impressive engine capabilities shown for next-gen so far.

The upcoming open world, online multiplayer, tactical shooter boasts a higher level of gameplay quality with greater environmental reactivity and stunning visual effects. Snowdrop, designed for next-gen consoles, will no doubt add an impressive dynamic to gameplay; we already know of the day/night cycle which also brings change to the weather, but how, and to what extent this will affect gameplay is yet to be known. But with the insane attention to detail, dynamic global illumination, and impressive procedural damage, The Division will surely create a hyper-realistic world for players to inhabit and destroy. What better way to celebrate the life and work of the late literary legend, Tom Clancy?

It will be interesting to see if the gameplay experience for this new wave MMOTPSRPG is just as impressive as the visual aspects seen in the recent footage.