Top 5 Xbox One Exclusives!

It’s that time of year where top lists reign supreme, and undoubtedly next-gen consoles and games have taken priority in 2013. Here are the top 5 Xbox One exclusives that are both released and unreleased. Drum roll please…

#5 – Dead Rising 3

One of my personal favorites, Dead Rising makes it’s way back to Microsoft exclusively for it’s 5th platform installment.

Nick Ramos takes on the “horde” almost 12 years after the events of Dead Rising 2, this time in California. The open world concept allows the player to tread the environment without load times and progress the story at the times the player so chooses. Similar to the previous installments, there are safe-houses for building weapons and although DR3 takes a more serious approach, there are still a share of hilariously dumb moments and ridiculous weapon mods. Released on November 22, 2013, DR3 is made for the next generation of gaming and Microsoft was smart bringing it back to their exclusive lineup.


#4 – Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment’s first title!

Jason West and Vince Zampella, former co-founders of the popular Infinity Ward left in 2010 to create Respawn Entertainment and begin work on Titanfall. Although the entire gameplay model and details haven’t yet been revealed, everything seen is promising. However it isn’t the potential for the single player that placed Titanfall in the 4th spot, it is the multiplayer. Given West and Zampella’s track record the multiplayer mode should be nothing short of amazing and infuriating. Here is the catch, watching the video below, game play looks very similar to Call of Duty (Modern Warfare Series) in mechanics of weapons, graphics (even though this is a next-gen game), cinematics and combat. Titanfall is said to be in stores March 2014.


#3 – Ryse: Son of Rome

One of the first exclusives shown during the Xbox One reveal.

Play antagonist Marius Titus a Roman soldier who witnessed his family’s death, then travels with the Roman army seeking revenge. “Ryse” through the ranks and become the leader of the Roman Empire. Ryse uses CRYENGINE to create a more immersive environment and game play. Additionally with the use of Xbox One’s voice command system, Ryse can use the system for specific attack commands within the combat system, that including the amazing graphics, this game has something going for it, regardless of its shallow debut. Ryse: Son of Rome released on November 22, 2013.


#2 – Forza 5

By far Xbox’s best racing simulator franchise.

In between Gran Turismo 6 and Need for Speed Rivals, Forza 5 forces itself into the racing grind as it has time and time before. Using new graphics every time released Forza is close to or equal to the best racing simulator in gaming today which continues to grow, using new cars and tracks with compatible equipment such as steering wheels that is sure to be released in the future. Why would I place a racing game that almost only improves on graphics to stay relevant each year in the 2nd spot? Great question, with Capcom still slightly behind on what they players are “looking for”, the immense potential, that remains to be seen from Titanfall and the poor debut for Ryse: Son or Rome, Forza has been an institution in the so far slim pickings of exclusives for Xbox One. Forza 5 released on November 22, 2013.


#1 – Halo (Unannounced Xbox One)

I couldn’t help but add a non-existent Halo title.

It is really difficult not to mention Halo in a list of exclusive video games for Xbox. The thought of a next-gen Halo game gets my gaming nipples hard (cough, figuratively), but what do we know if anything about the possibility of a new Halo. First, we know a new title is coming out, even though the previous statement is opinion based, because quite frankly if Microsoft didn’t invest it would be a major money loss and the possibility of platform ship jumpers would surface. Also I would be surprised if a developer passed on the opportunity (hypothetically speaking as if it was passed around). Next-gen Halo needs to be announced soon!


There are a handful of Xbox One exclusives available now and several to be released/announced, so stay updated on That VideoGame Blog!