Nintendo 3DS FINALLY gets Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID functionality

A system update is now live and available for the Nintendo 3DS. The update adds Nintendo Network ID functionality, as well as the Wii U’s super fun Miiverse, to every gamer that opts to download it (I tried it out and it took 5-10 minutes to complete, so don’t worry about having to wait around for EONS).

Firstly, about the Nintendo Network ID: gamers need to register an ID in order to download free stuff, like game demos, from the eShop now. It doesn’t cost anything, and if you already own a Wii U, you can use the same ID you registered on your console and integrate them together seamlessly. The great thing about this is that your eShop balance and Wish Lists will be shared between your 3DS and Wii U, though there is no game integration for things like NES titles that are both on the 3DS and Wii U, meaning you would still have to buy the same title twice to play them on both systems (which is a DAMN SHAME).

Secondly, Miiverse has been added to the 3DS, which means players can connect with gamers around the world and share game tips, experiences, and amazing drawings with each other, just like Wii U owners have been doing for some time now. An internet connection is required to use Miiverse fully on the 3DS; however, those who do not have da Wi-Fi can queue up to three posts and manually add them to Miiverse once they get their connection established. Gamers can add screenshots to their posts from either one of the 3DS screens, which is nifty!

Lastly, players who get another 3DS and want to transfer all of their stuff over to the new one (like me when I finally get the Zelda 3DS XL) can now do so an unlimited number of times, as long as it is once every seven days. In the olden days before this update, gamers could only do a system-to-system transfer five times TOTAL, so hooray for sensibility winning out!

More info on this very update can be found here, while all things 3DS can be located here. I encourage everyone with a 3DS to get on this, since you can no longer send friends notes in Swapnote and can use Miiverse to fill that gaping writing hole in your life!

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