Five Shades of Middle Earth

Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys! We have some meaty new screenshots for the upcoming Monolith Productions title, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and we can confirm that there will indeed be swords and orcs. There are four screenshots showing the game’s protagonist, Talion, cleansing the lands of orcs, and one particularly gorgeous piece of artwork which is notable for seemingly depicting Mordor before it became a barren waste.

A holiday ad for Mordor

Because kids just love Lord of the Rings

Talion attempts to master the art of discretion

The locations shown in the screenshots are harder to decipher; perhaps they show the fortresses and man-made dwellings of Mordor before they fell to Sauron’s pals. Judging from these screenshots alone, Shadows of Mordor has a bit more of a hard-core fantasy vibe to it compared to other interpretations of Tolkien’s works, a little more Warhammer than Bilbo Baggins. Best be careful then… you’re not in Hobbiton anymore…

And hold for three... two... one... and KISS!

Talion enlists his ghost to help him with a spot of choreographed dance combat

This open world rendition of Middle Earth is slated for release sometime next year.