Capture, GTA Online’s team based mode update arrives!

GTA Online‘s new team-based mode update will be available today on PlayStation Network and XBLA.

This free update will include 20 new jobs across four modes.


Capture – A very rousing and strategic version of capture the flag where decoys and traps are a must to win.

Raid – Steal packages from your opponents turf and deliver them back to yours. Deliver the most packages or reach the allotted score in time.

Hold – Similar to Raid, packages are the key to winning. These packages, however, are spread across the map. The team with the most packages or score wins, but be sure to protect your turf at the same time.

GTA – This mode asks players to steal different cars in the middle of the map where likely a team battle will ensue. Fight to steal the cars in the allotted time and return them to your turf.

Contend – Similar to capture the flag, there is one package, in the middle of the map. Pistol whip your opponents and bring it back to your base.

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