Green Man Gaming winter sale going on in Dealsford

Move over Steam! Green Man Gaming is hoisting up the decorations in Dealsford for its Holiday Sale, going on now through January 6. Where exactly is Dealsford? GMG says it’s somewhere between Columbia, Green Hill, Arkham, and Flotsam…

GMG has over 2000 deals going on, which include developer and publisher catalogue sales. They have matched Steam’s Batman: Arkham Origins deal, but also have tons of DLC and other expansions discounted along with their original titles.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with a huge range of publishers throughout 2013, all of whom have been eager to support the Green Man Gaming and Playfire community” said Martin Baxter, EVP Trading. “We’ve got so many great deals to share with gamers this winter, we’ve had to build an entirely new village to accommodate them all!”

Hope you enjoy your stay in Dealsford, and be sure to check back often to see what the latest sale items are at!