Record of Agarest War out now for Android devices

Record of Agarest War is available to Android devices starting today. The tactical role-playing game was previously released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 since 2010, and was released for personal computers via Steam earlier this October.

The Android version of the game packs the 6 gigabytes (GB) worth of data into 1.8 GB of data. Although data is condensed, the mobile version still contains all of the console version’s features as well as:

  • Compatibility with MOGA controllers
  • Automatic save backups to Google Cloud
  • Support for leaderboards and achievements through the Google Play Game Services

All of the shiny effects in the console versions are also in the mobile version.

To find out more about the Android version of theĀ Record of Agarest War, visitĀ

About the author: Albert Eres
Albert Eres.
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