Jade Dynasty’s Regenesis expansion is now online

Perfect World’s free-to-play MMORPG, Jade Dynasty, now has a fifth expansion for players to immerse themselves in. Regenesis went live on the 19th December 2013, and provides gamers with a range of new content to role-play their way through.

There are two new factions, the Kytos and the Psychea, each with their own special abilities; one can unleash the furious power of a half lion, whilst the other can summon mechanical beings to aid them when in need. Jade Dynasty’s major activity hub, Sunstream City, has been destroyed and rebuilt, making for a fresh experience for seasoned players.

Speaking of which, old players will be happy to hear the graphics engine has been updated, making the game world and environments look considerably more impressive. Meanwhile, new players will benefit from a streamlined starting experience, and of course there are plenty of new adventures to be had by all.

More information concerning factions, races, changes and new areas can be found on Perfect World’s official site.