Top 5 Mobile Games of 2013: Android Edition!!!

TVGB loves games of all kinds. Mobile and tablet games are no exception! With the explosion of smart phones over the past decade, the mobile game market has had a quick-growing presence in the gaming industry. Obviously, with our phones basically implanted in our palms these days, it is only natural for videogames to evolve to fit the mobile scene; as the old saying goes, “if you build it, games will come” (or something like that).

So I am here to give you Part 1 of TVGB’s review of the Top 5 Mobile Games of 2013, in true That VideoGame Blog style!

Part 1 is all about the Droid. If you’re not an Android user don’t fret, Part 2 will also come out this weekend and will feature the top 5 mobile games for the iOS.

Let the games begin!


#1) Top game all the rich kids are playing:
Minecraft – Pocket Edition, $6.99

The mobile version of Minecraft is pretty much identical to its PC counterpart that we all know and love, but with added features such as new blocks, additional crops and improved lighting and fog effects.
Why are all the rich kids playing it? This phenomenal mobile import comes with the hefty price tag (for a mobile game) of $6.99 in Google Play. So mine on the go by buying Minecraft – Pocket Edition right here.


#2) Top game you wouldn’t tell anyone you play:
Farming Simulator 14, $2.99

Admit it, you’ve loved farming ever since Farmville and maybe even since Animal Crossing.  It’s not that big of a surprise that so many people love Farming Simulator 14. I mean come on, there has been 14 of these games. Whether it’s the highly detailed 3D-graphics, the capability to farm with a friend over wifi, or the satisfaction of selling your prized cow’s milk to the highest bidder, Farming Simulator 14 is a game series that can (and has) held it’s own in today’s mobile gaming market.

But let’s get real here. When someone sees you intently looking at your screen, touching, sliding, tapping with a passion, and asks you’re doing, you’re not going to say “playing Farming Simulator 14. what’s up with you?”
Start farming today by planting $2.99 into the Google Play field and grow yourself a Farming Simulator 14! YEE-HAW!


#3) Top game  you may not know is mobile:
Terraria, $4.99

Terraria is a very fun sandbox game, similar to Minecraft, except Terraria is more combat oriented and you can equip weapons and other items to help you explore the game’s various dungeons. Prized as being one of the best Indie sandbox games, Terraria’s developers snuck out a mobile client for the Android and iOS this past fall. The game plays exactly as its other console and PC counterparts with one exception: Android users have the unique opportunity to find and summon an exclusive little green Android alien (seen above). Get a pet Android today when you pick up Terraria from its home planet on Google Play.


#4) Top game that is really pretty:
BADLAND, free to play









BADLAND takes place in a beautiful yet deadly forest full of traps and other obstacles. Players take control of one of the forest’s many denizens as they go on a side scrolling adventure in hopes of figuring out why the forest is so…corrupted. Everything about BADLAND is gorgeous, from the in-game visuals to the game’s wonderful assortment of music and sound effects. Even the gameplay is pretty to watch. So do your phone a favor and download BADLAND today for free. A mobile multiplayer game has never looked so good.  Click this link to download it and see you for yourself!


#5) Top game all the cool kids are playing:
Clash of Clans, free to play

Clash of Clans is becoming such a popular game that simply writing about it wouldn’t do it justice; here’s the trailer.

Command an army! Siege the land! Play against others or even goblins, and so much more in Clash of Clans, a brand new city defense game that provides fun, addictive gameplay that anyone can enjoy. This game has seen such huge success since its release back in October that it already holds the number three spot for Top Grossing under the games section in Google Play. So grab your weapons soldier and start your clan war today by enlisting Clash of Clans on to your Android device for free on Google Play.


BONUS!)  Favorite mobile game I wrote about this year:
Sardonyx Tactics, free to play

I have written many mobile game articles since I started writing for TVGB and quite a few come to mind even now. But I gotta say, my favorite game that I covered has got to be Sardonyx Tactics. This game is awesome. It’s a role playing tactics games with an almost unheard of (for a mobile game) 60 hours of gameplay! Sardonyx Tactics comes loaded with a fantastical story, vibrant visuals and plethora of classes and characters to choose from. Check out this gameplay video to see them in action.

To learn more about Sardonyx Tactics please check out my article about it located here. If you like what you see download it for free in the Google Play store.

And iPhone fans, as I said earlier, be on the look out for my iOS edition of this article coming out later this weekend! Have fun, play safe and happy holidays!

All images courtesy of GamePress.