Strike Vector: sign up for the beta (at your own risk)

After languishing about over Christmas, getting gradually fatter and more accustomed to a lifestyle of decadence, a January packed with adrenaline is just what is needed. Forget fitness boot-camps and gym memberships that’ll blatantly be wasted; Strike Vector is launching its open beta early next month.

You done brung a knife to a gunship fight.

The aerial combat shooter is a heady mix of piloting and destruction, with players controlling futuristic mecha gunships to eliminate the opposition. Strike Vector is reportedly pretty brutal, and, frankly, it looks it. Below is a trailer for the beta (which I strongly advise you all to watch), and it sure looks hectic. Luckily, it also looks insanely fun, and the graphics are seriously impressive for an indie game.

As you can probably tell from the trailer (if you took my advice), there is a lot to get excited about with Strike Vector. The game is a product of 15 months of work by no less than nine developers, and features a heavy industrial sci-fi flavor, making for some colorful and challenging terrain to navigate. Players can operate in third or first person as they choose, switching between the two as required; presumably third-person makes flying through tough environments easier whilst first-person makes it easier to blow shit up.

Signing up to this suicidal dog-fighting, unlike the game itself, couldn’t be easier.  Would-be aces simply tender their interest in an email to [email protected] and await an reply with a Steam key. More information on the carnage to come can be found at the official site.