Gaijin Games celebrates 5th anniversary with tasty sale on all things BIT.TRIP

The sales just keep on coming this holiday. Gaijin Games, makers of all things BIT.TRIP, have announced a special sale to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. The developers, who have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records due to Runner2 getting lavish praise from critics, have discounted many things BIT.TRIP related over on Steam, including:

– the BIT.TRIP classics BEAT, CORE, VOID, RUNNER, and FATE for $0.99 each (MADNESS!).

– the soundtracks for each of the previously listed games for $1.01 each (damn that extra cent!).

– the fantabulous Runner2 for $2.50.

– the Runner2 soundtrack for $1.99 (I have been known to beatbox its tunes in the shower).

– an all inclusive bundle that has everything, games and soundtracks, for $10.14 (excluding BIT.TRIP FLUX, which is Nintendo exclusive ATM).


Prefer your rhythm on the go? BIT.TRIP RUN is now $1.99 (50% off) for iOS.  Check it out!

Finally, if you have ever wanted to own CommanderVideo maquettes, but felt $49.99 was too steep, they are now on sale at a drastically reduced $9.99. Here’s one of him being contemplative, and another one of him in an ACTION POSE.

This news fills me with all the happies! And now, I leave you with a GIF of Gaijin Games’ co-founder Alex Neuse getting blasted in the face with a NERF dart and having it get caught directly on his glasses, like some kind of nerdy ninja!

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