Top 5 Mobile Games of 2013: iOS Edition!!!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! I come bearing gifts! In this bag of mine is the final piece of my two-part article on the Top 5 Mobile Games of 2013 for the Android and iOS mobile devices (See Part 1 here). So gather round now and let us see what’s inside the iOS bag of toys…

#1) Top game you should play at your own risk:
Candy Crush Saga, Free

I couldn’t write a “Top iOS” game list without including Candy Crush Saga. The highly addictive gameplay combined with over 400 levels will have you staring at your screen for months to come– years even. If you happen to live under a rock or just have never played Candy Crush Saga, I advise you to do so at your own risk. It’s one of the most played mobile puzzle games in the world for a reason. Candy Crush Saga recently celebrated its 1st birthday back in November. I wrote an article about it and included some very interesting and eye-opening statistics about the game. If you’re intrigued and want to see what all the hype is about then hop on the App Store and download Candy Crush Saga today.


#2) Top game that reminds you of another game:
Oceanhorn, $8.99

Imagine for a minute that you’re a young boy with a sword, a shield and a heroic destiny…you sail across the seas, solve various puzzles, defeat monsters and gather new equipment, all while on a quest to save someone you love…sound familiar? No, I’m not describing The Legend of Zelda:  Wind Waker. I’m talking about Oceanhorn, a very well made Zelda clone…er, I mean adventure game for the iOS. But that’s not a bad thing in the slightest; Oceanhorn is a phenomenal game. If you have been looking for something very “Zelda-esqe” in nature, your search is over. In the game you explore uncharted seas, adventure through dungeons and learn secrets that will change the way you look at the world. If you can get passed the $9 price tag, Oceanhorn can be your next great adventure game for your mobile device. Pick it up here.


#3) Top game that’s a little weird:
Year Walk, $3.99




Based on Swedish folklore, Year Walk is a game that focuses on an ancient method to see into the future known as “year walking.” The main character in Year Walk is a man who enacts year walking and sets forth on a vision quest to discover if the love of his life will ever love him back.  Played in the uncommon first-person view, the player will venture through different dimensions that blend the laws of reality and the supernatural. Sporting very unique gameplay, Year Walk is a game that will keep you intrigued until the very end. If you think your mind can handle the complexities of year walking, download Year Walk and its companion app, packed full of additional details and background info on year walking, from the App Store today.


#4) Top game you’ll swear doesn’t look mobile
Infinity Blade 3, $2.99


Before I get into how awesome the Infinity Blade series is, take a look at game images above. Believe it or not, those are screenshots from the iPhone version of Infinity Blade 3. Powered by the Unreal Engine, Infinity Blade 3 takes mobile gaming to a whole new level of visual performance. But graphics arn’t the only thing Infinity Blade 3 brings to the proverbial table. The latest version of this game comes loaded with new content such as a new difficulty mode, new items, skills, even new enemies. So if you’re wanting an amazing action game for the mobile device but are tired of the traditional cartoony graphics most mobile games utilize, Infinity Blade 3 is your new best friend. Try it out and get immersed into the deep story line, one of action, romance and vengeance. Download the third game here or experience the Infinity Blade from the beginning by downloading the first game from the App Store for $5.99. Don’t worry, the console-like graphics stay true to the series no matter which one you play.


#5) Top game that’s mixing things up:
Angry Birds Go!, Free

VROOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! The Angry Birds franchise is doing things a bit differently in their latest installment to the series with Angry Birds Go!. Normally I’m not a fan of when game developers try to make something new out of a series that already works but Rovio seems to have done everything right with Angry Birds Go!. Reminiscent of  Mario Kart, Angry Birds Go! features all your favorite birds and pigs but this time, they’re racing to the finish! Cool things about the game include the ability to customize your own ride, the use of special power-up abilities unique to each character and so much more (with a LOT more to come).  Start your racing career today by downloading Angry Birds Go! for free from the App Store.


BONUS!) Most unique mobile game I wrote about this year:
Createrria, Free

I wrote an article about Createrria recently actually but it left such a strong impression on me that I had to mention it again. A mobile game that allows you to create your own mobile games is simply unheard of. It’s very original and has a super easy to use interface. The developers handed the tools to create a game into the hands of the consumer, into the hands of the player, giving them the ability to make the game of their dreams (no prior knowledge of game design required). It was an epic idea and an even better game. Try it out today if you have always wanted to make your own game. Or, you can download it and play other people’s creations. You can’t go wrong with Createrria. Read more about it in my article located here. Afterwards, you can download it from the Apple App Store and make your game come true!

That’s it everyone! I hope you enjoyed TVGB’s list of the Top Mobile Games of 2013 for the Android and iOS. Check them all out if you can. Many of the games I listed in these past two articles can be played on both the Android and Apple devices.  So don’t shy away from these ten fantastic games just because you’re not rocking an Android or think you aren’t cool enough for an iPhone.

Please have a great holiday TVGB fans! Try to stay warm and as always, play safe.

All images courtesy of GamePress.