Deep Down: new trailer for upcoming RPG

Capcom has capped 2013 off with a typically mysterious new trailer for their upcoming fantasy/sci-fi/time travel RPG, Deep Down. If you are excited for the game, as well you should be, it may be disappointing that little is given away. The trailer mostly showcases the beautiful graphics and slick medieval-inspired action that was also present in previous clips.

Fans of the genre would be forgiven for thinking they had spotted Dark Souls’ Lautrec in various parts of the trailer; but of course including a knight in gold armor is hardly plagiarism. Hold up, is that a mimic chest too…?! Hmm…

Nonetheless, the trailer should be plenty to keep RPG fans stoked for Deep Down, which, as previously mentioned, features elements of time travel. Assassin’s Creed and Dark Souls are hardly inspirations to snuff at, making the game a hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive. Hopefully a little more substantial information should be released soon, as an open beta is due in February to coincide with the Japanese launch of the PS4.