First expansion for Europa Universalis IV available for pre-order

Strategy fans of Europa Universalis IV will be excited to hear that Conquest of Paradise, the first expansion to hit EUIV, is now available for pre-order. Paradox will have the expansion ready to hit the famed empire-builder come January 14th for PC, Linux, and Mac. The price point looks to be $15, but some sites, like Steam and Green Man Gaming, are offering 10% off if you pre-order early.

EUIV: CoP looks to offer players the opportunity to head West to discover the new world of a completely randomized American continent. The expansion also offers the chance to play as a Native American nation or a Colonial nation, each with distinct choices, buildings, and events.

Check out the trailer below, or if you are interested in the developer diaries, Paradox has uploaded a new one for Conquest of Paradise.

About the author: Cody Shults
Cody Shults.
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