Accelerator, the modern era cheat code?

Up, Down, Up, Down, A, A, B, Left, Left, Down. Ah the good ole days! Nothing like inputting the same cheat over and over ad nauseam to reign supreme in your respective games. Nothing like tossing a Game Shark cartridge or disk into your platform before entering or playing the game you were going to dominate. Where ever did cheat codes go?

From Mortal Kombat “Fatalities” to N64’s Golden Eye to Grand Theft Auto, between the Nintendo and PS3 / Xbox 360 era, almost all games have come with some sort of cheat system. As of late, “Accelerators” (as the chosen word) have become this generation’s cheat code.

The newest Accelerator I have found is with WWE 2K14. Instead of working toward unlocking characters, attire, belts, arenas and other things, players can pay a small fee to unlock it all ($1.99 to be exact for this particular game). I have also seen this on EA games such as Skate 3.

This new era cheat doesn’t cover the ever popular season pass. You would still have to purchase a season pass if it is available for the game you are playing or more than likely it will come with the season pass if you so desire to have it.

So why have we come to this point when cheats were as easy as waiting for them to be released? Unfortunately, it is a simple answer: money. Companies like EA and Activision have devised a simple formula that works:

Gamers + Attention Span (in game) = Impatience

Therefore, gamers will pay because they crave more in an experience, to the point that if the game is good, you will pay more for the extra content. If the game is poor, you pay for the content to receive something you are not getting with the disc portion of your experience. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every gamer, but it does for most of them.

Although the years are not that far apart, we have come a long way from a finger sequence for a jet pack to purchasing Tiger Woods 14 and having to pay an additional $40 for new courses to play.

With GTA V taking a page out of the dusty book for cheats maybe more will follow suit, or be prepared to open your wallet. Tell us what you think about this generation of cheats and whether or not you would pay for an Accelerator in the comments below.