Third Deck pack is now (mostly) available for Magic 2014

Deck Packs. You love them. You need them. It’s time for the next Deck Pack to hit Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers, and it is now rolling out to a digital platform near you. The third Deck Pack includes, like always, two new decks – Warsmith and Hunting Season.

And like always, Wizard of the Coasts gave us some tasty descriptions for each deck:

  • Warsmith:  In the red and white “Warsmith” deck, the mere presence of your artifacts on the battlefield will bolster your unstoppable forces and empower your spells. Forge your army, and march to war!
  • Hunting Season: With the green “Hunting Season” deck, the creatures at your command will become unnaturally large, and if that should prove insufficient to crush your enemy, make more creatures. Call the hunt!

Foil conversions will be available for these Deck Packs as they were for the previous Packs. The third Deck Pack will be available for Steam, XBLA, PSN, Android, and iPad, but may vary on exact release per platform and region.

About the author: Cody Shults
Cody Shults.
Cody is a PhD student living and studying in Chicago. When he isn’t doing research, he is most likely found in his man cave logging more hours in Skyrim on his PC. Gaming started very early for...  Read more...


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