February’s ‘Games with Gold’ offers Dead Island and Toy Soldiers: Cold War free for Xbox 360

Per Major Nelson’s blog:

Starting Saturday (February 1st) Dead Island (Normally US $19.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through February 15th .

Then on February 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Toy Soldiers: Cold War (Normally US $14.99) for free.

That sound you hear? That’s the collective ‘meh’ of Xbox 360 owners across the globe. Yesterday, we posted about the impressive list of games that playstation plus users were getting in February AND they are coming off of a January where the Ps3 got Bioshock Infinite!

Free games are free games, and both are quality games that I have enjoyed in the past. I’ll try to hold back the feelings of entitlement, but Microsoft has some work to do to be able to catch up to the competition in this category of the console war.




Source: Major Nelson’s blog