16GB matte black OUYA console available now

Last weekend, the makers of OUYA launched a new version of the console featuring double the memory from the previous version. The new version will have 16GB allowing more storage for games, apps, and media.

This is not the first time consumers have seen a 16GB version of the OUYA. Last holiday, an all-white, 16GB version of the OUYA was released for a limited time and was sold out in a few weeks.

The new version recently released boasts a matte black finish and has a few more new features:

  • Boosted Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Latest firmware enhancements for better overall performance
  • Refined controller


The new OUYA features an black matte finish.

The new 16GB OUYA is now available on the OUYA’s official site for $129.99 and will be coming soon to Amazon.com.

To find out more about the new 16GB OUYA, visit http://shop.ouya.tv/products/ouya-16gb-black.