A Casino Downloadable Content In Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design Limited), the developer of Grand Theft Auto may have leaked a couple of important details with regard to the game’s fifth installment. Rumor has it that it might contain a downloadable content that includes a casino and a horse racing track. While the former is not as fancy as Maple Casino, having it is a welcome development to everyone’s favorite third-person perspective game.

The news started when a reference to casino burglaries surfaced on the Internet and was linked to a building that was situated in Vinewood Park, a park in Los Santos, San Andres in the Grand Theft Auto V game.

There is a signboard in the casino that says: “Opening Soon,” which pretty much expresses the message to anticipate something that pertains to casino burglaries in the forthcoming downloadable content updates. If rumors hold true, Trevor, Michael, and Franklin may join forces to perform a heist that is similar to the one that was performed in the Ocean’s 11 movie.

Also, the fact that there is no casino and other gaming facilities in Grand Theft Auto V coupled with the sudden appearance of one near Vinewood Park firmly suggest a connection to the alleged casino burglaries.

Furthermore, additional reports say that players can actually use real money in the game, though it remains a mystery how the financial backing from the casino will be managed.

While none of the above mentioned rumors are established and it is not clear whether or not they’ll be exclusive to Grand Theft Auto V’s single player mode or Grand Theft Auto Online, it should be remembered that staging a big-time casino heist is a little something that would perfectly complement the Grand Theft Auto storyline.

Also, Rockstar North won’t put too much detail on a casino and other establishments if their guys are not going to use it. Regardless if the casino heist scenario is true or not, Grand Theft Auto fans can be sure that latest installment will be one hell of game!