Greeting Games is the video game equivalent of Hallmark cards

Do you have gaming friends who have birthdays coming up? Maybe you want to do something a little more unique for a significant other for Valentine’s Day rather than the stereotypical chocolate and flowers.  Well, startup company Tingly Games has something that may interest you with their new service, Greeting Games.  We’ve seen those youtube videos of game developers coming up with pretty clever games to propose to their significant others.  Now, by combining our love of video games with the ability to reach out to others via greeting cards, Tingly Games wants to make these forms of communication and entertainment enjoyable for everyone.

The website is still in beta, and as such only a few options are currently available.  Right now, you can use their templates to design one of eight types of games (all of them are pretty popular, sudoku and mahjong for example), and incorporate personalized notes for birthdays, thank you, get well soon, and new years occasions.  The cool thing about these is that the end user can’t see the card/message until they’ve beaten whatever game you’ve chosen.  You also have the option of choosing the difficulty, as well as providing in-game messages to further personalize the game for your loved ones.  And they can continue to play the game even after they’ve received the message!  The creators are even letting everyone send as many cards as they want for free while the program is still in beta, as long as you create an account.

I have to say, this is a pretty ingenious idea to take e-cards, which seem to be increasingly popular nowadays, and combine them with the games that are ever popular with the casual gaming crowd.  I see this becoming a popular thing on your Facebook feeds in the near future.  Check out the Greeting Games website to start making your own personalized games now!