Square Enix partners up with GameStop for the first Epic Reward Giveaway related to Lightning Returns

Hungry for a vacation for free? Square Enix is your savior, then, as they just announced a partnership with GameStop to be part of the retailer’s Epic Reward Giveaway. Inspired by the fantastical journey players will embark on in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the February Epic Reward Giveaway will send one lucky gamer (plus a buddy!) on a trip across the WORLD.

For 13 days (I see what you did there, Square Enix), the winner of the giveaway will experience shopping sprees, VIP tours, and other activities, but that’s just gravy on top of the real chicken cordon bleu main course Square Enix is offering. The main attraction of the giveaway is that the two lucky bastards will be visiting the real world locations that areas in Lightning Returns are based off of, including Las Vegas for the City of Yusnaan, Paris for the City of Luxerion, Cairo for the Dead Dunes, and Costa Rica for the Wildlands. All locations will include spending cash, food, and souvenirs to fill the lucky winners’ hearts with glee.

If you are a PowerUp Rewards member and buy stuff at GameStop or their website throughout this month, then you will be automatically entered for a chance to win this delicious goodness. Eligible transactions that will enter you into the contest include pre-ordering, buying games and accessories, or making a trade. PowerUp Rewards Pro members automatically get two entries into the contest with each purchase or trade, though they are limited to one transaction per day. GameStop PowerUp members can also use their accumulated points to get additional entries if they are feeling particularly saucy.

If you have no idea what a PowerUp Rewards member is and want to become one, just follow this link. More information about the Epic Reward Giveaway can be found here, as well.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be launching February 11th, for the PS3 and 360, and will also be available digitally through the PSN. Don’t forget limited quantities of the collector’s edition can be ordered at the Square Enix Online Store for $89.99. I am long due for a vacation and want this one really bad; anyone else thinking of entering?

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