Bigpoint releases free-to-play sci-fi epic DarkOrbit Reloaded

A world leader in developing and publishing online games, Bigpoint announced today that it is launching its epic space action MMO, DarkOrbit Reloaded.  Coming off of the huge reception of the original free-to-play DarkOrbit, DarkOrbit Reloaded features a new, refined look, an engrossing sci-fi narrative and updates to game play that allow for easier preparation to jump into your own epic space battles.

“We’re very pleased to see DarkOrbit Reloaded marking the start of a new age for Bigpoint” states Producer for DarkOrbit Reloaded, Jonathan Lindsay.  “We took valuable feedback from the community and used it to hone this game into a captivating experience for everyone, which meant in some cases fundamentally rethinking the game’s core systems, which is also fair for pay-players and non-payers alike. We look forward to hearing feedback from the fans and seeing how they react. But we are not finished, we are prototyping with some new technologies that will enable us to do some very exciting things in the future. Watch this space – excuse the pun.”

Packed to the brim with over 200 new missions, new maps and faction characters and an unforgettable sci-fi storyline, players will be astounded with the quality and quantity of game play options that DarkOrbit Reloaded offers.  Reloaded with a new user interface and high resolution graphics, this MMO will surely make the most ardent gamer stop and take notice.  Bigpoint has redesigned the game entry and is offering a variety of in-game bonuses so that veteran space pilots and novices alike can find their place in this atmospheric galaxy controlled by insidious mega-corporations.