Fable Anniversary now live, on Xbox Live

More than a decade after its release on the original Xbox, Peter Molyneux’s chicken-kicking, beer-swilling, sand-goosing (Google it – we’ll wait) masterpiece has returned in stunning high definition.

Now live on Xbox Live, Fable Anniversary features a remastered score, a new interface, new achievements, new textures, new models and, of course, a new graphical sheen over the whole shebang. With the visuals bumped up to 1080P (and now rendered by Unreal Engine 3), it looks more like Fable III even if the gameplay is, for better or worse, classic Fable.

Fable Anniversary is not the first original Xbox title that Microsoft has updated for the Xbox 360, that distinction belonging to 2011’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. But this is the first one I’ve rushed to download; at $40 ($60 if you spring for the Trilogy bundle, which includes Fable 2 and 3) it’s not bad, but take into account the Lost Chapters expansion is also included and it’s really not bad. This truly is the definitive version of the game, and should tide the Albion-faithful over until Fable Legends is released.