Get Early Access for Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar later this month

Starting February 12, you will have the chance to play Kasedo Games’ newest release, Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar.  Follow the conquests of Julius Caesar as you travel across Gaul in this real-time strategy simulation game.  You will command armies and build your empire through four campaigns, where you must manage your resources and take factors like changing seasons into account when devising tactics.  Or, if you are the anarchic type, you can go into the game’s sandbox mode and take control of Gallic tribes to quell the Roman threat before they get too far.

While The Rise of Caesar is in early access, be aware that you may experience bugs and glitches.  This is NOT the finished product, but a beta version where your input will help iron out the kinks and make the final version better.  The beta includes most of the main features, including the first two chapters of the game (about 12 hours of game play), and you will be purchasing it for a discounted price (which has not been provided as of yet).  As time goes on, you will get access to more features as they become available.  If you really want to help the developers mold the game, you can propose ideas to them via Steam’s discussion board on their community group page.

As an introduction to the The Rise of Caesar, developer Longbow Games will stream two walkthroughs on Twitch TV where they introduce gameplay followed by a live session Q&A.  The first will be held on February 12 at 2PM EST, and the second will be February 13 at 8PM EST.  You can watch the sessions at  For more information on the game, check out Longbow Games’ website, and if you’re interested in this genre you can purchase the original game Hegemony: Wars of Ancient Greece on Steam for $19.99.