This month in videogame history! (Game Edition)

With the recent releases of the Next-Gen PlayStation and Xbox, we as gamers tend to be in awe with the future of gaming but can forget the consoles and games that paved the way for this generation to exist and be successful. Let us gander into the abyss of the history of videogames for the month of February.

Amazing Tater (Gameboy)

Amazing Tater was released in February of 1992.

According to, Amazing Tater is one of the most difficult puzzle games ever released on Gameboy. They also rank this game as one of the most valuable games released on the handheld system, valuing it (complete in the box) at $800.

Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage (NES)

Wood & Water Rage was released in February of 1988. This game was followed by Town & Country II: Thrilla’s Surfari which was specific to the main character in Wood & Water Rage, Thrilla the Gorilla.

The characters were based off of the mascots of the world famous Town & Country Surf Designs company.

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in February of 1990, off the heels of arguably one of the most popular videogames in history, Super Mario Bros. SMB3 also setup an interface that was used in future Mario games such as Super Mario World for SNES.

SMB3 received stellar reviews and ultimately catapulted the Mario franchise, proving that a game as simple as this one can still have depth, creativeness and can still be fun.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Sega Genesis)

Four years later in February of 1994, Sonic 3 was released. Known as the ultimate competition to Nintendo’s Mario, Sonic capped off his Genesis run with the third installment. Sonic and Knuckles would be released months later as more of an expansion pack to Sonic 2 and 3, allowing gamers to connect both games to the cartridge to use Knuckles as a playable character.

According to, the late Michael Jackson was involved in creating the soundtrack for Sonic 3.

Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Super Mario Kart was released in September of 1993, but it wasn’t till the release of Mario Kart 64 in February of 1997 that the game received the recognition it deserved.

Although it received criticism from videogame sites such as Gamespot, for its lack of depth and poor single player modes, the Official Nintendo Magazine’s top 100 Nintendo games of all time listed Mario Kart 64 at #17.

Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)

A continuing institution in the PlayStation world, Gran Turismo 4 was released February 2005. The driving simulator first became popular on PS1 and grew in popularity since the second installment.

To this day Gran Turismo is arguably the top racing simulator, just releasing their latest, Gran Turismo 6, on the PS4.

What is your favorite videogame?

Due to the age of the information, most of the information if not all was gathered on Google or Wikipedia unless mentioned above.