Strider coming soon to consoles and PC

Fans of the Strider franchise rejoice!  Those who have never heard of it prepare for a great arcade experience.  Today I bring you news of a Capcom classic, Strider.  The game shares its name with both the first entry in the series and its subsequent port to the NES. Though it shares its name with its predecessors, Strider claims to have a brand new adventure in store.

If you are unfamiliar with the Strider series, the game features the protagonist Strider Hiryu, a high-tech ninja who is sent on a mission to kill an alien dictator. The gameplay is traditionally that of an action platformer with controls and objective similar to what you’d expect.  You must quickly run to the right side of the screen while crossing gaps and chopping up enemies.  Interestingly, the developer mentioned they wanted to make this Strider less linear, saying they were influenced by the game Shadow Complex. This has the connotation that this reboot will play like a metroidvania game. The designers claim that action in this reboot is eight times faster, and if you know how Strider games play, this is going to lead to even more exciting combat.

The other new introductions into this game are two new challenge modes.  If you’re a speedrunner or just want to challenge your friends, the game offers a “Beacon Run” mode as well as a “Survival” mode. The “Beacon Run” is like a traditional race of reaching a series of checkpoints while defeating enemies in your path. “Survival Mode” forces you to use a certain load out to face wave after wave of enemies.  This game will offer global leaderboards to compete for the best time in these challenge modes and the main story.  And who doesn’t like cosmetic options? You will be able to customize your own Strider by collecting costumes from fallen Strider brethren.

The game is slated for released on PSN on February 18th while XBLA and Steam will see the game released the next day.  The game can be pre-purchased on Steam now for $14.99.  This gives you access the soundtrack in 320Kbps/48Khz MP3 format and a concept art bundle.