What is ‘PlayStation Now’?

Sony’s next step at their Cloud-based service.

PlayStation Now is the first Console/Cloud-based streaming service from Sony. Announced at CES January 7th, PS Now will stream anything from TV, music, and movies to videogames. Sony announced on their PlayStation website that the streaming service will initially launch on PS3, PS4 and Sony Bravia TV’s. PS Now will reach, on or after launch, tablets and other devices gamers use most.

With little information comes critics. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter called PlayStation Now “a joke”, citing:

“There is no publisher that is going to license content that’s less than two-years old because they would be concerned that they can’t sell as many copies if they make it available for subscription or rental. This has no prayer of working. None.”

Sony will likely expand this service to PS Vita, Android Phones, Sony Tablets and PC’s.

Check back for any updated information.